Water Treatment Plants

BLUE PLANET offers water treatment plants like:


  Water Softener (for reduction of hardness from raw water)
  Pressure Sand Filter (Controlling turbidity, suspended matters and particulates)
  Activated Carbon Filter (Removal of colour, reduction of COD and other specific applications)
  Iron and Arsenic Removal Filter (For reduction of iron and Arsenic in water by using special media)
  Demineralization plants (For reduction of zero mineral levels in the water)
  Reverse Osmosis (Finds application in drinking water)

Effluent Treatment Plants

ET Plants are used to treat effluent or sewage water to maintain the Water: effluent discharge standards or to recycle the water back for process use. Here undesirable properties in the water like smell, colour, sludge, distaste and all other harmful matter are removed from the water.
BLUE PLANET designs and supplies very efficient ETP using the “state of the art” design and technology not only to bring water upto effluent discharge standards but also to recycle water and maintain a zero discharge plant.


  Textile washing unit and decolourisation.
  Heavy metal waste treatment, phosphate and degreasing operations
  Paper industry waste treatment recovery fibers and recycling
  Battery manufacturing industries
  Food and fruit pulp industries

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant

Benefits, Blue Planet Envirotech Domestic Sewage Treatment System
  Odour Free
  No Chemicals Required
  No Tertiary Treatment
  Pathogen/ Bacteria Free Water
  Minimum Sludge
  Complete Color Removal
  Noiseless Continuous Process
  Low Operating Cost
  Requires Low Power
  Low Capital Cost
  Requires Less Space
  Consistent & Reliable Results
  Suits For Remote Locations
  Reuse Of Water For Various Application

Swimming pool Equipment

Benefits, Blue Planet Envirotech Domestic Sewage Treatment System
  Swimming Pool Filters
  Swimming Pool Ladders
  Swimming Pool Tiles
  Swimming Pool Consultancy
  Swimming Pool Chemicals
  Swimming Pool Operation & Maintenance

Bio Technological Solutions

BLUE PLANET offers biotechnological solutions to various persistent problems faced by industries during treatment of waste / wastewater or during production process. The end result is always effective solution to the problem with no side effect.

Bio-enzymes: Bio-enzymes are mixtures of special natural occurring bacteria, which are both aerobic and anaerobic. They are non-toxic, non-pathogenic and non-opportunistic to tally harmless to human beings.

Bio-enzymes are useful for:

  Reducing BOD/COD loads in existing ETP/STP
  Removes Hydrogen Sulphide odours
  Reduces sludge volumes
  Degrades oil spills on water
  Bio-remediation of solids
  Clears grease traps and septic tanks
  Degrades organic compounds and solvents like phenols, cresols, aldhydes, ketones etc. which are difficult to treat in normal ETP conventional process